Whatever your industry, whatever your application, Orbel's custom design and manufacturing process means engineered solutions designed to your exact demands. Start to finish, from conception through delivery, we ensure that specifications are met and your product is up to all possible standards. Every part that leaves our facility is the result of precision production.

  • Ken Marino, President & CEO

    “The need for EMI shielding is only increasing as the world continues to shrink. For Orbel, the key to staying ahead of the curve is getting involved in the design process as soon as possible. If interference levels, compliance guidelines, and time to market are all addressed long before a component is on the assembly line, an effective shielding solution can be achieved.”

  • Rey Green, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

    “Vertically integrated companies like Orbel support the system provider through the design, preproduction, and production phases of a program. Orbel uses our in-house chemical milling, plating, metal forming, and heat treating capabilities to support these program phases, which allows for short cycle times and low up-front tooling costs.”

  • Ryan Swanton, Business Development Manager

    “As a custom shielding manufacturer, Orbel’s job is to review a need, design a solution, create prototypes, and support a project throughout its production cycle. The prototype stage is where the concept is put to the test, literally. The production cycle begins at the handoff from engineering to production. This is how new shielding products come to life.”

  • Jon Raseley, Director of Quality

    "A true industry leader, Orbel was founded on talented employees, each a master in their chosen discipline. Coupling this expertise with the effective application of advanced technologies and innovative manufacturing, Orbel continues to exceed customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and affordability."

  • Brett Hansler, Design Engineer

    “One of the things Orbel does exceptionally well is initiate effective communication with our customers regarding our shared goals and expectations. Obtaining accurate information from our customers allows us to more efficiently create designs, purchase materials, and schedule manufacturing to their exact requirements.”